What is vacuum glazing?

Vacuum Glazing in Timber Windows

Introducing Landvac Vacuum Glazing for Timber Windows

The Perfect Solution for Heritage Timber Windows!

At Sash Window Shop, we’re excited to launch Landvac Vacuum Glazing into our timber windows collection. This cutting-edge solution cleverly blends heritage aesthetics with modern energy standards. Discover the benefits of Landvac Vacuum Glazing and how it can transform your project at Landvac.

Understanding Vacuum Glazing Technology

Vacuum glazing consists of two panes of glass separated by a vacuum barrier, minimizing heat transfer. This innovative technology allows for slimmer profiles and lighter windows, making it ideal for both preserving historic details and enhancing modern performance.

Preserving Heritage with Landvac Vacuum Glazing

Maintaining the historical accuracy of window designs while meeting strict energy efficiency standards poses a significant challenge. Landvac Vacuum Glazing integrates seamlessly into timber frames, offering superior thermal insulation without the bulk of traditional double glazing. This advancement makes it possible to boost energy efficiency without altering the original appearance of period properties.

Achieving Modern Standards with Landvac Vacuum Glazing

For new constructions, achieving optimal energy ratings is crucial. Landvac Vacuum Glazing’s exceptional U-values, surpassing traditional double and even triple glazing, ensure that new builds can meet and exceed current energy performance certificates (EPCs). This not only aids in complying with building regulations but also significantly cuts future heating and cooling expenses.

Why Opt for Landvac Vacuum Glazing?

  • Superior Insulation: Ensures homes stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Noise Reduction: Significantly cuts down on sound transmission.
  • Lightweight Design: Perfect for both new constructions and retrofit projects.
  • Aesthetic Flexibility: Matches both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

As architects, builders, and homeowners, adopting Landvac Vacuum Glazing means investing in a product that delivers unparalleled thermal performance, durability, and compliance with both aesthetic and building standards. Experience the future of glazing with Sash Window Shop and make a lasting impact on your property’s comfort, efficiency, and style.

For more insights into our innovative solutions and how we can assist in elevating your projects, visit us at Sash Window Shop.

Why Vacuum Glazing?

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency:

Superior insulation properties that significantly reduce heat loss, making your home more energy-efficient. With an energy rating U-value of 0.4, vacuum glass outperforms double glazing (U-value 1.2) and triple glazing (U-value 0.7), demonstrating its more effective insulation.

Superior Noise Reduction

The vacuum barrier also acts as an effective soundproofing layer, offering up to 39 dB of sound insulation, a valuable feature for properties in busy urban environments or noisy locations.

Conservation Friendly

The slim profile of vacuum glass (looks like a single pane of glass) is particularly suited for timber windows in conservation areas or listed properties. It mimics a single pane of glass, lacks the internal double glazing spacer bar, and avoids the visual interference of the double reflection typical with traditional double glazing.

How Vacuum Glazing looks

Landvac Heritage Vacuum Glazing

Aesthetic Flexibility

Timber frames with vacuum glass complement both traditional and contemporary designs, enhancing aesthetics, functionality, and comfort simultaneously.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Constructed with toughened panes and a secure vacuum seal, this glass boasts advanced glazing technology for enhanced durability and comes with an industry leading 15-year guarantee.

Environmental Impact

The vast improvement in the energy efficiency of vacuum glass reduces the reliance on heating and cooling systems, thereby lowering carbon emissions. Using sustainable timber frames further enhances the ecological benefits.

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