What are glazing bars and timber moulds?

A glazing bar is a bar or rigid supporting strip between adjacent panes of glass. These bars are also popularly known is being called “Muntins”.

Glazing bars are also called “muntin bars” or “sash bars”. Glazing bars can be found in doors, windows and furniture, typically in western styles of architecture. Glazing bars divide a single window sash or casement into a grid system of small panes of glass.

Until the middle of the 19th century, it was seen as economically necessary to use smaller panes of glass, which were much more affordable to produce and fabricate into a grid to make large windows and doors. Many considered the division of a window or glazed door into smaller panes to be more architecturally attractive than use of large panes. Hence the window styles that are still popular today.

Sash Window Shop glazing bars can be custom made to meet the requirements of double glazed sash windows as many customers still like the appearance which glazing bars give. In Conservation Areas for example, customers need to match their new windows to their existing windows which have Georgian or Victorian glazing bars.

Integral glazing bars (solid glazing bars)

The requirements for properties that are Grade I, II, or II* or subject to an Article 4 are often quite strict and you may have no choice but to opt for solid timber integral glazing bars. Solid glazing bars are available on all of our products, they are externally glazed and you have the choice of either timber beading or glazing putty on the outside to secure the glazing in place.

Astragal glazing bar’s in conservation areas

An astragal glazing bar can help add to the attractive appearance of a Georgian or Victorian window which is divided into multiple panes. Heritage Georgian or Victorian glazing bars are integral to the window and set in between the  panes of glass. However with astragal glazing bars, they are fixed to the glass on both the inside and outside which gives the appearance of multiple panes of glass on a single piece of glazing.

We have a range of astragal glazing bars which are available in a range of traditional styles whilst being sympathetic to Georgian or Victorian designs. With the latest technology, these bars have been securely installed with clips and and adhesive pads that have been designed to to stick to the glass. Astragal glazing bars have an authentic feel, combined with the appearance of individual panes of glass created by back-to-back glazing spacer bars which match the paint colour.

What is timber beading timber moulds?

Timber glazing moulds are situated on the inside of a window or door in order to secure the glazing inside the frame. There is choice of the style of the timber moulds profile, as we like to call it; ‘Ovolo’ or ‘Lamb’ style. These styles come in various sizes starting from 17mm right up to 36mm.

Below is a range of glazing bars and beading for you to choose.

17mm Ovolo Mould - Glazing Bar

17mm Ovolo Mould

22mm Ovolo Mould - Glazing Bar

22mm Ovolo Mould

26mm Ovolo Mould - Glazing Bar

26mm Ovolo Mould

17mm Lamb Mould - Glazing Bar

17mm Lamb Mould

22mm Lamb Mould - Glazing Bar

22mm Lamb Mould

26mm Lamb Mould - Glazing Bar

26mm Lamb Mould

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