Which colour is best for your new timber front door?

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If you’re considering replacing your tired looking windows and doors for beautiful new timber framed doors and sash windows, then the colours you choose need to be carefully thought out. Have you ever wandered the peaceful leafy suburbs of London on a crisp Autumn day and wondered how people decided on which colour to paint their front door? I have.

I’m going to help you choose the colour of your new timber front door!

As you can imagine, I’ve crafted countless doors since starting our bespoke windows and doors company. And it occurred to me that while I’m keen to give you tips on maintaining your window and door investment, and share my musings on ‘all things wood’, sometimes the most straightforward advice can be helpful too.

How do you decide which colour your front door should be?

You can go with your favourite colour, of course. But doubtless, there are a few of you in the household all wanting to see a favourite colour to greet you when arriving home. And it’s unlikely to be the same colour for all.

So the best and most democratic way (in the humble opinion of a father to two boys!) is to look at what each colour means. Then determine what you want to tell the world about you and your cohabiters. It’s a good starting point at least.

Were you aware that a passer-by will make an assumption about a resident just by looking at the front door? Not only that, the opinion will be formed within 10 seconds. Hard to believe isn’t it? However, the research was completed by the team at Dulux Weathershield so is definitely advice to be adhered to!

Choosing the right colour for your door

We’ll start with my favourite navy blue. It’s thought this colour tells all those walking down your street that you’re intelligent. (Ahem, my favourite colour!)

And moving on to grey. If you choose grey, the message you’re sending is that you’re sincere, so a great choice. It also perfectly complements a stylish period home.

If you’re the proverbial happy family with smiles in abundance for all around you, and ready to welcome all to your home, then yellow should be your choice.

As expected, we associate red with passionate people. But are you aware that the highest number of red doors can be found in London; confirming the city as the most passionate area to live?!

Black is the colour we most associate with the Prime Minister’s residence at No. 10. It’s also the colour chosen by those deemed to have a sense of mystery. Interesting!

Brilliant White is simplistic and favoured by the minimalists amongst you. Those who like calm, order and simplicity. And it’s the UK’s number one choice.  

Lilac is for the more creative homemakers. And cream denotes a peaceful haven behind the door.

Playful and friendly folk display their traits by choosing a pink door; and if you’re looking to show you embrace your dramatic side, then purple is for you.

Natural Stain or wood is a favourite for those who enjoy the outdoors. And you’re likely to choose these finishes if you want to show your nurturing side.

Now, of course, I can’t personally attest to the accuracy and impact of choosing the colours above. What I can say is that once you’ve decided on the door for you, make sure you look after it. Taking some pride in your home and its external appearance will not only improve its value but also put a big smile on your face when you return home each day.

Are you thinking of investing in a new timber front door? Call us now as we can help.

Best Wishes,

Sandy Allan

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